Teaching Kids To Love Vegetables With Asian Take Out In Los Angeles


Parents may despair of getting their young children to eat vegetables without protest. They might try picking up Asian Take Out in Los Angeles on occasion, as the delicious meals appeal to youngsters as well as adults. When the lightly cooked colorful veggies are included with tasty sauces and enhanced with pieces of chicken, beef, pork or seafood, kids discover they do like vegetables after all.

Some foods are appealing to children in general. Young kids tend to shy away from strong flavors and prefer milder foods. They tend to like rice, which makes Asian Take Out in Los Angeles a natural choice. Parents might order a light white sauce with stir-fry meals and stay away from garlic brown sauce and Teriyaki until the children get a bit older. The youngsters will probably enjoy egg rolls or spring rolls, appreciating the crispy texture of the exterior as it contrasts with the crunchy veggies and bits of meat inside.

Children also tend to love dumplings, so wonton soup and menu items such as beef wonton are welcome choices. They are bound to like eating chicken wings and probably already do so. Introducing them to wings flavored with Asian accents is fun for both parents and kids. Chicken soup is kid-friendly, so the parents may want to include a big container of that as well. Any leftover take-out portions can be refrigerated and reheated for lunch or snacks the next day.

It may still be a while before the younger children are willing to eat a simple bowl of cooked vegetables or a salad without putting up a fuss. With the assistance of an Asian Food Restaurant Los Angeles, they’ll start learning which veggies they especially like and which ones they would just as soon avoid. That’s useful for teaching them that they don’t need to renounce every vegetable they encounter. They may especially prefer the sweeter items, such as peas and pea pods, carrots and broccoli. It might take a little longer before they come to really appreciate water chestnuts, bok choy and Chinese mushrooms. In the meantime, they’ll be boosting their nutrition with the other colorful plant foods.