Patch 4.3 Upgrade Documentation Is Finally Fixed Hunter Pets

Patch 4.3 upgrade documentation is finally fixed hunter pets




Death knight

Bug fixed

Neither should now can wither in the mana shield activated correct operation.

Rune blade dance now correctly will begin to hatred transfer to master.

Dark should no longer trigger orders by melee attacks triggered effects.


Anger: have a new spell effect and icon.


Fungi spread: be enemy players check, fungus spreading now displays another spell effect.

Bug fixed

Group raised no longer can in some deformation condition cast.

In switching map or talent, balance the direction of the sun and the moon\’s article and energy should now properly reset.

The hunter


Heavy bombardment: now affects only the next multiple shooting.

Resistance is futile. : now by the influence of death by mark target activated.

Bug fixed

No escape: I will no longer affect the melee skills.


Tame beasts: high in haste, the casting bar now should always show the correct casting on continued.



Burn: continue to hurt can now critical strike.


At the same time, use small monkey glyphs and penguins glyphs wizard will now cause of the deformation of the target by random into these two kinds of form of a glyphs.

Bug fixed

Activities of the impact of bombs and interaction has been removed, and we hope now will no longer sometimes infection activity\’s bomb failed.

Burning now correctly by activity\’s bomb, blasting technique and the frost fire inflammation of the arrow of bonus, to improve the combustion of damage.

Gladiator\’s silk arm guard and arcane strengthen glyphs reduce public cooling time effect should now properly stack.

Activities of the bombs continue to hurt now correctly by molten fury influence.

When another temporary increase movement speed effect disappeared, the invisible glyph\’s effect will no longer be removed.

All portal spells now should waste same mana.

The priest


Gospel spread and dark gospel can no longer and stack.

Bug fixed

In learning some spells before, the light echoed by these spells will no longer trigger.

Shadow HuanLing should now is on the increase of bonus spell damage effects.

Spells holy word: static should now properly be tested by faith the bonus to generate the critical strike.

A thief

Frame hung: have a new sound.

Bug fixed

At about no longer break gouge effect, etc.


Bug fixed

When the treatment chain jumped back to the shaman, animation should now display properly.



Bane: now increases the anger of the target skills, energy, concentration values or runic power consumption, not lower their recovery.


Some anger skills now when casting interrupted temporarily anger attenuation.

Bug fixed

In a break with winding immediately after the effect using charge (and related skills), the skill now correctly operation.



The players by the different server of the new team can now friends together row battlefield.

When the call of the battlefield and random battle battlefield play at ordinary times, now will reward extra honor points to make up for the lost honor value.

Conquer the island of

Siege tanks steam expanding the scope of the impact of 50%.

War song Gulch

In the league players in the resurrection graveyard resurrection when should face the central battlefield.

Twin peaks

When battlefield play at ordinary times, players should now be in at the end of the battle for glory.


Werewolves racial specialty pledge now had a new icon in the night.

Gnome race specialty escape artist now had the effect of its related spell animation.

Bug fix: comprehensive

Many texts become more accurate.

Use the #showtooltip in macro now should be at the right time to highlight the icon of the action bar.

Switching map, pet action bar no longer sometimes will disappear.

Pets are now should use the player with mount keep more closely.

The launch of the spell by now should properly by the damage of the players under impact toughness.

To make the mage into the night elf society process is further progress by, and now the night elf mage got all racial specialtys, especially no movement.

The secondary rebuff is now much more reliable in the role played by stealth and invisible target.

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