Child Adoption, Certain Social, Ethical And Legal Issues You Must Know}

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It is important to understand that what matter most, to be a biological parents or to be a good parents. Adopting a child can be a wonderful process and it can change your life forever. Several couples failed to become parents of a biological child due to different reasons including medical handicaps or personal reasons. Adoption is a good process to enjoy the parenthood. There are also single parent who also likely to enjoy the taste of parenthood. They can also opt for adoption. However, in India or especially in the cities like Kolkata adopting is not a very easy process. Good child adoption lawyer in Kolkata is very rare who can help you in overcoming the difficult legal obstacles. Therefore, it is important that you must hire a good lawyer who can help you to resolve these issues.

However, before some one is going to consider adoption as a way to enjoy parenthood must look in to these factors:

Learn the basics: In case, a woman is pregnant, they usually know the basics such as care, feeding process and basic take care from their elders or in some classes. However, in case of adoption, it is important that would be parents must also be aware of these basic things. There are few organisation and hospitals nowadays arranges special baby care classes for the adopting parents.


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Legal issue: Before you adopt a child in India, you must know the laws and the regulations that have to be followed in case of adopting a baby. Three legislations are there in India, under which a person can proceed for the legal adoption. These are the Hindu Adoption and maintenance Act of 1956, The Guardians and Wards Act of 1890 and The juvenile justice (Care and Protection) Act of 2000, amended in 2006. All the adoptions in the country have to follow the procedure, which has been established by Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA). It is a division of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Time is Key: However, it is very simple to hear to adopt a child, but in India, it is a long process. In order to adopt the person has to go through lots of paper process; however, these are all done to make a hassle free future. Numerous government offices are too visited for the different documentation process. The offices will verify the ability of the aspirants of being parents or not. The number of legally adoptable child in India is very less. A good lawyer can help a lot in order to handle the legal process.

Single parent: In the country, the trend of single parent is also increasing. With the newly introduced guide of CARA, the age limit of the parent has been reduced. However, still the Male fraternity is waiting for the clearance to adopt a child as a single parent. Single parents also have to face many problems while they adopting a child. There are hurdle at everywhere such the agencies are not always helpful to the single parents, families can object on the decision of adopting the child. In case of admitting the child at the school the parents may get an objection from authority regarding the birth certificate and else. However, it is necessary for the society to understand the feelings of the people who want to be the single parent.

Prepare to face questions: In case of adoption, especially in India, there are numerous social constraints in addition to the different legal obligations. Relatives, friends and families may ask different questions regarding the adoption process. There may be rude questions and comments also come, which may hurt you. The adopting parents have all the rights to keep the information confidential. However, the parents adopting the child must remain calm and must tackle the situation in a careful manner.

Here there are few things are mentioned that are important for the people who are going to adopt the child or planning to adopt a child in the near future. Here it is important for all the people who are planning to adopt is to give the adopted children the proper care and love that they deserve.

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